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Sacrificing My Principles For The Asylum

So, normally this is something I'd be hesitant to do, being the proud employee of one of the nation's greatest and last independent video stores, but a call to arms has gone out from the fine folks at The Asylum, and, ever-committed, I am responding (plus, it's kinda messing with Netflix, so...)

The gist is this. Paul Bales posted a blog over on The Asylum's site asking Netflix users - of which there are apparently a good number - to add 2010 Moby DIck to their cue as a way of driving up the number of copies of Asylum films Netflix will order in the the future. Or something like that, read the above link, Bales explains it better. Once you've read it, do as he says, add it to your queue, get your friends to add it to their queue, parents, other relatives, co-workers, casual acquaintances, sexual partners past and present, bar buddies, bus mates, bank tellers, postal delivery workers, essentially anyone with a computer and a Netflix account. Link to this post wherever you can, and help The Asylum thwart the complicated and biased mathematical system those dastardly stream-fiends would use to keep the little guy down. 

After all, if we're not controlling the machines, well then my friends, the machines are controlling us.