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Calling on the Committed for Help

So this is kind of last minute, which only makes it more imperative we lend a hand. A post went up on The Asylum site today asking for we, the committed Asylum fans, to lend a hand for a good cause. Seems Asylum partner/writer/director/producer David Michael Latt heads up his local Toys for Tots drive, and this year, with a deadline fast approaching, they're woefully under quota. Last year's drive brought in 2,000 gifts for needy and deserving children, while the total thus far this year is a paltry 120 items, far too few. So, it's up to us to help him out and get those numbers boosted by THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, at 4PM

It's super-easy to help out: all we have to do is get a new toy - unwrapped, not requiring batteries, books are okay so long as not damaged - and get it to The Asylum offices by the deadline. Plus, for every toy donated between now and FRIDAY, Mr. Latt will donate one American dollar to an orphanage in Africa. How much helping can one man do?

I know times are tough and the leash is tight for most of us - believe me, I earn below the poverty line, I know - but they could always be worse, and for many people, many children, they are. It's amazing how far 5, 6, 7, 15 dollars worth of kindness can stretch. And it's sponsored by the Marine's, for Pete's sake; regardless of your political or philosophical standpoints, you know you owe them.

So c'mon gang, let's repay a tiny fraction of the enjoyment we've derived from The Asylum by helping them help those who truly deserve it this holiday season. One gift, a bunch of tiny gifts, anything you can do I'm sure would be appreciated. But remember, we only have until THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, at 4PM to get our toys to the address below:

c/o The Asylum
72 East Palm Ave.
Burbank, CA 91502 

You can also help by passing this info on, posting this link or The Asylum's on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, even your MySpace if you still have one, though no one will see it (zing!) and let all your friends know what's going down. And if you want to know more about the program itself, jump over to


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