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outside the walls: Non-Asylum Inkings

So I'll admit it, there are films not produced by The Asylum. There always have been, always will be. These glasses I wear are not rose-colored. They are clear, and occasionally smudged with fingerprints. A sampling of non-Asylum films due soon and news that might spark the interest of Asylum fans. Just remember, Sweet 'n Low ain't Sugar.

Walking Dead Drops to Huuuuuuge Numbers

So the most-anticipated television event of the year (for me at least) went down Sunday night on AMC with the premiere of "The Walking Dead," a new dramatic zombie series based on the graphic series of the same name written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. Any doubter can rightly shut their trap, because the premiere pulled in 5.3 million viewers, not only the highest premiere ratings ever for AMC, but also the highest premiere ratings of any show on any channel thus far this year. And richly deserved: executive producer and developer Frank Darabont took some major character liberties, expanding scenes and relationships that all add up to an even more intense empathy than the comic generates. And anyone who was worried AMC might not have the stones to pull off a zombie series, man oh man do they have the stones. Gore, guts, blood and little kids getting iced, and that's all just the first episode. WD continues for five more episodes this season and has already been picked up for a second, 13-episode season. So go on, give in and start watching, because this is the next show everyone around your water cooler will be all abuzz about.

SyFy Premieres New Reality Show

Another show I've been psyched for is the SyFy reality program that aired last week, "Hollywood Treasure," which tells of the adventures of Joe Maddalena, owner of Profiles of History Auction House, which specializes in Movie Memorabilia. Now, I might be a little biased as the video-store/movie museum I work for has worked with Mr. Maddalena for 20 years now, procuring everything from the Psycho knife to the baby carriage in The Untouchables to a head from Aliens. Bottom line, the guy does great work, has a true passion for film and its history and should provide for some damn enthralling TV. Check your local listings, then check it out.

Upcoming SyFy Originals

November 13: The Lost Future
November 20: Post Impact
November 27: SyFy Original Movie Marathon

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