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R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen

Apparently I'm the last blogger on the planet to hear about the passing of cinematic legend Leslie Nielsen. I heard about it at the bar during a commercial of The Walking Dead. This is especially unnerving for me as earlier this afternoon when, upon arriving home for work, I stumbled upon the last 20 minutes of The Naked Gun 33 1/3 and mused aloud to my wife," Huh, wonder how many years he has left."

A big part of my childhood died today, I was a "Police Squad" fanatic growing up and saw all three Naked Gun films in the theaters. They broke the mold with Mr. Nielsen, a deadpan genius. I will resist the obvious reaction to his death: "Surely you can't be serious."

But in a way, I guess I didn't resist it at all.

Godspeed, Commander Adams

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