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Check Out This Interview (not mine) w/ Asylum Composer Chris Ridenhour

I've mentioned before in these virtual pages about the amazing Chris Ridenhour, composer of the scores for 28 Asylum movies to date. 28. By my figuring, that makes him the most-frequent Asylum collaborator that isn't one of the Big Three. That even trumps the versatile and prolific Mark Atkins, who has served as cinematographer on 24 Asylum flicks.

Ridenhour is pretty much the go-to guy for Asylum music, even releasing his own CD of scores (which you can find a link to above, or below.). While RIdenhour's next Asylum project has yet to be revealed (and man oh man am I crossing my fingers it's A Haunting in Salem), in the meantime Mr. Ridenhour's been getting a little bit of press, including this article from the Cape Cod Movie Examiner, in which Ridenhour is referred to, quite accurately I think, as The Asylum's Secret Sonic Weapon.

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