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inmate profile(s): Writers Paul Sinor and Victoria Dadi

2012 Ice Age is The Asylum film being released at this month, so inmate profiles over the next few weeks are going to be dedicated to members of that film's creative staff, starting with writing team extraordinaire, Paul Sinor and Victoria Dadi, also responsible for last year's highly-enjoyable Airline Disaster.

Beginning with Mr. Sinor, this guy's no mere writer. He spent 30 years in the Army, all of it as a decorated Infantry Officer, and retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. In 1987, Sinor received a life-changing opportunity when he was assigned by the Department of Defense to serve as Technical Advisor for the CBS Vietnam-drama "Tour of Duty" - which incidentally I was a huge fan of as a kid; it's was my first introduction of the Stones' "Paint It Black." In 2004, after being recalled to active duty, the Department of the Army assigned him the designation of Entertainment Liaison to the Film and Television Industry in Los Angeles. As such, Sinor has amassed an impressive resume, working on the first two Transformers films, The Invasion, I Am Legend, The Day The Earth Stood Still and even a few films The Asylum hasn't mockbusted, like G.I. Joe. and Jessica Simpson's Major Movie Star (aka Private Valentne). 2012 Ice Age is his second script for The Asylum, and if his first, Airline Disaster, is any indication, the action will be tight, the science sound and the response accurate; all in all, a tense and realistic sci-fi thriller.

Which brings us to the other half of the team, Victoria Dadi, who also works with Sinor at Valhalla Military, a Technical Advising outfit. 2012 Ice Age is also Ms. Dadi's second film for The Asylum, and in addition to her script work on Airline Disaster, she also served as a military advisor on Titanic II for director Shane Van Dyke.

I really did enjoy the script for Airline Disaster, it felt authentic, never sensational (sensational in a bad way, I mean), spectacularly tense and best of all, to me at least, frighteningly believable. When I heard these were the writers on board for Ice Age, my interest doubled. It doubled again when I heard the film was to be directed by Trey Stokes of 2010 Moby Dick renown, but that's a profile for another time...

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  1. I'm sorry my screwing with you caused you to edit the original post but I absolutely admire your integrity in what you report and write that caused the change. You are an anomaly amongst those that write movie reviews, sir, in that you actually CARE.

    So, to correct your correction:

    Initially you had stated that you thought that Paul Sinor and I were a father-daughter team but removed that bit after I yanked your chain on "whatever gave you that idea?" To state definitively and without any question whatsoever - Paul Sinor is indeed Victoria Dadi's dad. Something that I am proud of and grateful for every day of my life.

    -Victoria Dadi