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Hollywood's 1st Female Feature Film Stereographer - Shannon Benna - Comes Out of A Haunting in Salem!!!

So, amidst the shameful practice of googling myself - not myself, per se, but A Haunting in Salem, the horror film I wrote for The Asylum - I discovered this article on Shannon Benna, the film's stereographer, who just happens to be Hollywood's 1st female feature film stereographer. 1st. That means ever. The film's not even released, and already A Haunting in Salem is helping make history!

Now, I could attempt to explain to you exactly what a stereographer does, but I'm a writer, so, not too technically inclined, and probably half of it I'd be making up. So I'll let the article do the explaining.

Then a hearty personal and professional congratulations to Ms. Benna are in order, and add her name to the long and talented list of others working on A Haunting in Salem: the director Shane Van Dyke, Alex Yellin the cinematographer, Chris Ridenhour the composer, Christoper Ray at 1st AD, not to mention a stellar cast that includes Bill Oberst Jr., Courtney Abbiati, Jenna Stone, Nicholas Harsin, Carey Van Dyke and Gerald Webb plus countless others I owe a little bit of my life to. Check out the fruit of their labors August 23rd when A Haunting in Salem drops on DVD and Blu-Ray. In 3D!!!!!!!!!!!

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