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Follow The Asylum RIGHT NOW on Twitter For a Chance at a LINE in an Upcoming Movie!!!

Calling all Asylum fans: go to Twitter RIGHT NOW and follow The Asylum before they hit 1,000 for your chance to appear in an upcoming, as-yet undetermined Asylum film with an ACTUAL LINE OF DIALOGUE! Holy cow!

The winner will be selected at random from all 1,000 followers, and at publication time, the number was at 973. So go! Now! Hurry! 

UPDATE: 3pm - less than twenty followers to go! As an added bonus, I'll offer the winner an inmate profile right here in the virtual pages of Committed when the film is released! Your pic! Biographical info! My snarky commentary! OMG!!!


  1. Aw nuts! So many rewards for a fan who isn't cool enough to already be following you and The Asylum?

    Any thought to giving perks to the loyal followers who already look forward to your every tweet and spoiler?

  2. are there really people who look forward to my every tweet and spoiler? if so, name your perk.

    And just so it's clear, anyone who followed The Asylum on twitter before they hit 1,000 is eligible for the line. and since only 300 or so followed after the reward was offered, chances are it'll go to someone truly committed.

    but hey, sincerely, thanks to any and everyone who follows me here and on twitter. i'm not an egotistic idiot: i know i wouldn't have a film coming out with The Asylum if i was writing in a vacuum. you guys - especially those of you who come back day after day - make my world go 'round. i'm truly humbled, honored and thrilled to bring you the latest Asylum news. for real.