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Double-Shot of New Asylum Offerings

So, coming today out of The Asylum is new visual info on two upcoming projects, this month's 2012 Ice Age and September's Dragon Crusaders.

First off, the official trailer for Ice Age has dropped at The Asylum site, and while I don't want to jump to any conclusions, this looks to be THE BEST EVER POLAR APOCALYPSE MOVIE. The effects looking nothing short of rad, and coming at the direction of 2010 Moby Dick's Trey Stokes, who would expect anything less? 2012 Ice Age streets on the 28th of this month. I, for one (and as expected), can't wait.

Furthermore, as though the above wasn't enough, The Asylum also graced we committed with the first round of production stills from Mark Atkins' eagerly awaited Dragon Crusader. There aren't any dragons, of course, but what we can see looks a combination of epic and creepy, two of my favorite qualities in a movie. And oh yeah, they put out the poster as well...

A dragon breathing fire down on a shielded Knight Templar. If my wife ever caves and allows me to squander our meager savings on a 70's era van, I'm totally getting this airbrushed on the side. I mean, really: nobody fucks with dragonvan. I digress...

Dragon Crusaders drops on September 27th. 

Man, as awesome as the first half of 2011 has been in terms of Asylum releases, it looks like the second half is going to be even better (and I say that as only a little biased)(A Haunting in Salem on DVD and Blu-Ray 8/23/11, available now for pre-order at Amazon. Just sayin'.)

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