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Two More Names Revealed From Dragon Crusaders

Writer/director/cinematographer/etc Mark Atkins' upcoming fantasy epic, Dragon Crusaders is currently overseas shooting, for a September release. We already knew the film would star Dylan Jones, Cecily Fay, Karl Greenwold and Shinead Byrne, but now we can add two more names to that list:

First among these is Simon Lloyd Roberts, a two-time Asylum vet, having performed as a soldier in last year's Sherlock Holmes, and three years ago as the titular lead in Mark Atkins' last dragon-centric fantasy epic, Merlin and the War of the Dragons. No word on the character Mr. Roberts is playing.

Secondly, there's Tony Sams, who - as the picture on the right seems to indicate - will be playing someone on horseback. Dragon Crusaders will be Mr. Sams' first feature film.

By the way - loving the atmosphere and lighting in this pic here, gives me high hopes for the film. But honestly, with a director like Mark Atkins on the project, my hopes are automatically high.

It's still a handful of months before this one drops, but head here for the first round of production stills and a look at the poster.

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