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First Details of 3 Musketeers! UPDATED w/ Pic!

Busy Asylum day today - the first details have emerged concerning The Asylum's upcoming 3 Musketeers adaptation, and man are they awesome. Directing the film will be Cole S. McKay, fresh off the helm of 200MPH, and he'll be working off a script by actor-turned-scribe/swell-guy Ed Deruiter (The Surge, Battle of Los Angeles). A look at the synopsis, available on the film's Asylum page.

"Alexandra D'Artagnan, junior NSA officer, uncovers a plot to assassinate the President of the United States and enlists the help of three infamous international spies to stop the threat."

Announced cast members include Heather Hemmens (Glory Road, "Hellcats"), Alan Rachins ("L.A. Law," "Dharma & Greg"), Keith Allan, Michele Boyd (Battle of Los Angeles, "The Guild"), and David Chokachi ("Baywatch") making a return to The Asylum after his role in Born Bad

And courtesy of Michele Boyd's Twitter feed, here's the first on-set pic from the film, with Ms. Boyd as musketeer Aramis. Baller.

The street date on this one isn't until October, the 18th, to be precise, and from the looks of things, The Asylum's really pulling out the stops on this one. Get ready for an action spectacular this fall, and as always, whenever there's more info, you'll find it here!


  1. Michele Boyd. One L. ;)

  2. mea culpa! that would be MICHELE BOYD - presumably of Battle of Los Angeles and 14 episodes of one of my favorite web series, The Guild.

    Sorry Michele!