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3 Musketeers Gets A (RAD) Poster!

After Dragon Crusaders in September and A Haunting in Salem in October, the next scheduled release from The Asylum is their take on the action-packed classic 3 Musketeers, directed by Cole McKay (200MPH) from a script by Ed DeRuiter. There were some stills released a few weeks ago that showed this adaptation to be modern-set, a tried-and-tested story of brotherhood and justice set in the fast-paced and better-armed world of our own era. As such, a poster for such a film would need to be dynamic, explosive, thrilling and intriguing. Well, I don't know who the poster guy is over at The Asylum, but as usual, he nailed it:

That is AWESOME!

Fire?     Check.
Guns?   Check check check.
Karate? Check.
Fighter jets?     Oh hell yeah check.

And that tagline: All For One and Guns For All...BRILLIANT!!!

I don't know for sure what Mr. McKay and Mr. DeRuiter have cooked up, but it looks to be an explosive good time. 3 Musketeers stars Heather Hemmens, XIN, Alan Rachins, Keith Allan, Michelle Boyd, and David Chokachi, and hits your DVD player October 25.

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  1. The return of our favorite Asylum airplane (with brand new airline livery), if only briefly: Check! :-)