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inmate profile: Jose Montecinos

Continuing Committed's spotlight on the creative forces behind The Asylum's next release, the sex comedy Barely Legal (out next Tuesday!), it's time to turn our focus on the director of the film, Mr. Jose Montesinos.

Born in the beautiful city of San Francisco, Montesinos has been making movies since his teens, transforming himself into a writing-editing-directing-cinematographing(?) auteur and garnering a good amount of renown in the process: a music video he directed in 1998 earned an award from the prestigious American Film Institute, a short from 2002 made the top five of the Alice Short Film Competition; as for features, 2000's Number 35 received kudos from Sundance, the LA Film Festival and even awesome-as-hell director Darren Aronofsky. Plus, in 2009 he won the San Francisco Weekly Mastermind Grant based partly on the trailer for Hell's Kittens, a campy exploitation flick.

His other features include another comedy, Berta, and the crime drama Owned, which was selected for inclusion in the New York Latino Film Festival, the San Francisco Latino Film Festival and the Action of Film Festival, in which it was first runner-up for Best Dramatic Feature and was nominated for Outstanding Cast Performance.

Long and the short of it? Dude's got chops, and now he's bringing them to The Asylum, only the second time he's worked with them: he edited last year's uber-awesome Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, and also played a nuclear tech in the film as well.

So do yourself a favor and check out the latest release from a master-in-the-making, Jose Montesinos, when Barely Legal drops on DVD this coming Tuesday.

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