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Your Second Chance to See BORN BAD Comes This Weekend!

In case you missed it this last Monday, The Asylum's latest production - Jared Cohn's Born Bad starring Michael Welch, Bonnie Dennison, Meredith Monroe and David Chokachi - will be airing again this weekend, Saturday night, to be exact, at 9pm on the Lifetime Network. If you like gritty psychological thrillers with enough sex and violence to really make you sit up and notice, then you'll love Born Bad. If you miss it this time, you might not get another chance until the film's November DVD release, and while the wait is worth every minute, do yourself a favor and carve out a little time this weekend for Born Bad,

In the meantime, get acquainted with the cast and crew of the film through my Inmate Profiles: 

Then, dig my exclusive interview with writer/director Jared Cohn.

And finally, to whet your appetite even more, check out my spoiler-free notes on the film.

Saturday. 9pm. Lifetime. Born Bad. Show The Asylum some love.

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