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inmate profile(s): Meredith Monroe and David Chokachi

Committed continues shining its spotlight on the creative forces behind The Asylum's Born Bad, airing on the Lifetime network Monday, July 11th at 9p.m. In our sights this time? Actors Meredith Monroe and David Chokachi, who play the parental figures to Bonnie Dennison's bad-boy-lovestruck-teen.

 Meredith Monroe, a native Texan, got her start in the industry through print advertising, even appearing on five book covers in the "Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys" series, but her breakthrough came in 1998 when she signed on to the hottest teen-drama of its day, "Dawson's Creek." On DC (which is totally what we called it in college. that's right, i watched Dawson's Creek in college, often reeeeeeally high.) Ms. Monroe played the charmingly-cute insane girl next door Andie McPhee for three seasons before graduating to more mature pastures. Since DC, Ms. Monroe has appeared in a score of television shows - including "The Division," "Joan of Arcadia," "CSI: Miami," "House," "Bones," "Californication" and most recently a 13-episode stint on "Criminal MInds" - as well as television and theatrical films, most notable among them two films as Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder, the steamy psycho-thriller New Best Friend with Mia Kershner, indie comedy Wake and now Born Bad. I don't watch a whole lot of network TV - not a pretentious thing, a time thing; truthfully all I watch as it airs are "Breaking Bad," "Dexter," "Oddities" and now "Workaholics" - so I'll admit it's been a while since I've seen Ms. Monroe in something, so I for one am very much looking forward to seeing how she's matured as an actress. 

Playing opposite Ms. Monroe is the very capable and unfairly handsome David Chokachi, who most of us will first remember from a little global phenomenon they call "Baywatch," on which Mr. Chokachi played rugged surfer-boy lifeguard Cody Madison for 89 tubular episodes. From there Chokachi opted for something a little more dramatic and appeared on the full-run of the "Witchblade" TV series with Yancy Butler. After that show's demise, Chokachi stayed busy with television before landing another series gig, this time on TeenNick's surfer drama "Beyond the Break." Most recently, Chokachi had a small role in Soul Surfer, the flick about the little chick who gets her arm bitten off by a shark but keeps surfing, a.k.a. the only little chick I'm comfortable admitting is braver than me. He can next be seen in The Asylum's 3 Musketeers, out this October.

So there you have it, a look into the careers of two of Born Bad's principle cast member, the lovely and alluring Meredith Monroe, and the bronze Adonis that is David Chokachi. Tune in Monday, July 11th at 9p.m. to watch these two beautiful people act their asses off in Jared Cohn's Born Bad.

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