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Our First Look at the ACTUAL 2-Headed Shark!

So, although we're still without the majority of details on what is sure to be The Asylum's flagship film of 2011, 2-Headed Shark Attack, today we did get a first glimpse of the shark itself - that's right, there's an actual, physical shark model, not just CGI - as it sped off to an undisclosed location across the country where filming is set to begin shortly. Behold awesomocity:

That is the single raddest thing I have ever seen, and I want it. No details have been released by The Asylum as yet - aside from the film's director, the great and talented Christopher Ray (Almighty Thor, Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus) - so that's all you get for now. But trust me on this, 2-Headed Shark Attack is destined to be the second greatest shark film of all time.

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Details as soon as The Asylum makes them available...


  1. Sweeeet! I've always been a bigger fan of latex/rubber monsters than cgi...but a mix of the two would be just fine! This oughta be a fun one!