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Another Haunting in Salem Cast Member Revealed!

With a little more than two months before the DVD premiere of A Haunting in Salem, The Asylum film I wrote (never going to stop mentioning that, ever), we're still being teased with bits and pieces of the production. Last week the first trailer was released, and now there's another cast member who's been added to the film's IMDB page: a man they call Sonny King.

Mr. King has a pretty extensive filmography, stretching back to the late 80's and including some pretty rad/well-known titles like Order of the Eagle with Frank Stallone, Murder in the First with Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman, Eraser with Ah-nold and Jimmy Caan, Counter Measures with Michael Dudikoff and directed by Fred Olen Ray (father of Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus/Almighty Thor director Christopher Ray), Agent Red with Dolph Lundgren, as well as the upcoming 333 with Corin Nemic and A Haunting in Salem lead actor Bill Oberst Jr.

As some of these films obviously suggest, Mr. King is often cast into military-action-oriented flicks, which makes sense because he seems like a pretty intimidating dude, at least in photographic form. In Salem, however, he will be playing the role of McSwain, a groundskeeper, a different sort of character from what you might be used to seeing him play. And that's all I'm going to say about that other than I bet he nails it.

Find out for yourself this October 4th - aka the Best Day In The History of Ever (pt.1) around my house - when A Haunting in Salem drops on DVD and Blu-Ray. Oh, and if you have one of those baller 3D TVs, you're in luck, because this bad boy also scares the crap out of you across all three dimensions. Oh yes...

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