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Committed's 1st Birthday!

Today marks Committed's first birthday: it was exactly one year ago today that I made my first post. Whatever I was striving for, whatever I was hoping this blog would accomplish, it pales in comparison to what it has actually wrought: at this moment I've written two produced scripts for my favorite movie studio, one of which is a shark movie, my dream genre.

I feel very fortunate, very blessed and very humbled at these events, and in no small way were these victories aided by the fine, fine folks who pop by on a regular basis. People like Slushie Man, Mr. Gable, C.H., Tysto, Brunez, BlUsKrEEm, all my beautiful and intelligent followers and even you snarky Anonymii - thanks for reading, for commenting, and for making me feel like I'm not writing in a vacuum. 

And also, of course, a huge, huge, HUGE thanks to everyone at The Asylum who - despite my expectations of a cease & desist order - have been nothing but accommodating to my attempts to piggy-back on their success. Thanks for making great movies that keep getting better every go-round, and thanks for giving me a shot. For everything that made me start this blog, I've now got 100 times that motivation to keep it going. 

So thank you, honestly, from the bottom of my coal-like heart, to anyone who reads this; thanks for the best, most important year of my life. And, as always, Viva La Asylum!!!


  1. Congratulations! I got to say that your enthusiasm has huge part of my interest to watch every Asylum movie I'm able to track down here in Germany. I'm looking forward to see the movies shot from your scripts. Keep on the good work and thank you very much!

  2. Also congratulations and thanks for every news!!!

    @ Mic: you're not alone down here in Germany.

  3. Pretty much what Mic said - Thanks need to go to you for running this blog. I may not always comment, but I sure as shit always read, because it's so damn hard to find another site or blog out there that has the same level of love and enthusiasm for Asylum in particular, but also B movies in general, that I do. Many B movie sites that 'claim' to be a fan of the genre clearly aren't when 80% of their reviews are negative, so it was a blessing to come across one that genuinely does love the genre as much as I do. Here's to another good year of being Committed into the Asylum!

  4. Congrats on reaching the one year milestone! I greatly enjoy reading your posts and getting the scoop on lots of fun movies. Looking forward to many more years of fun!

  5. Congrats, dude! I love your site and I'm checking up on it weekly! I totally agree with Jeff...a lot of B movie sites claim to be a fans of the genre and then bag on the films with negative reviews! You're tastes are right in line with mine and many other Asylum fans and I love it. Keep it up, bro!

  6. It's been fun reading your stuff and sharing your enthusiasm, Perry. Thanks!