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Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus Gets a SyFy Premiere!

Last year's best shark film, Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus - suck it, Sharktopus - will finally get the primetime exposure it deserves on the 20th of this month when it makes its World Television Premiere on the greatest network in the history of television, SyFy.

That's right, fellow inmates, we're getting another crack at shattering the SyFy Saturday Night Original Movie ratings record, currently held by Lake Placid 3 - helmed by former inmate Griff Furst - at 3 million viewers. The only two flicks to even come close are shark flicks - it-who-shall-not-be-named at 2.5 million and Furst's follow-up Swamp Shark at 2.2 million - meaning if we start blogging, facebooking, tweeting and whatever else right now, we got a real chance at taking the crown.

Either way, a great film is coming to a great channel on a undoubtedly pleasant summer evening. Jaleel White, Gary Stretch and Robert Picardo star for director Christopher Ray - currently starting work on his next film, The Asylum's 2 Headed Shark Attack, details coming soon, promise - from a script by Naomi Selfman.

Saturday, August 20th at 9 p.m. is when it goes down. Tell ten people to tell ten people right now!


  1. I really don't understand your hatred of Sharktopus. It was a fun movie that in all honesty is better then half of Asylum's movies (And I'm a supporter of Asylum, lol), and IMO way better then the first Mega Shark movie, and I'm sure that if it had been the exact same movie but made by Asylum instead, you'd be loving it.

    However this second Mega Shark movie IS one of my favorite killer shark flicks ever made and found it weird that SyFy aired the lower-quality first one but then skipped this much-better sequel, so I'm glad it's gonna get the airtime it deserves. Most people I talk to who have seen the first, had no idea that there was a second - even now, almost a year after this one came out, so I'm so happy it's gonna finally get seen by all the same people (And hopefully some new ones).

    Also, if ratings are good, that may help sway the folks at Asylum to do a Mega Shark 3 :)

  2. In all honesty, I love every shark movie. It's just a little rivalry I enjoy stirring uo. Don't fault me, i'm southern :)