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2 Headed Shark Attack Gets Wiki'd

We're still waiting on the IMDB page for the film, including details on its massive cast, but in the meantime some kind soul has established a 2 Headed Shark Attack page over at my favorite research tool, Wikipedia. Not much new stuff over there, and what is - while very interesting, and in fact pleasing - can't be proven factual until The Asylum themselves present the details, but they're reliable enough to print here, a very unreliable and biased blog.

First up, there's mention of another cast member, a Mr. Geoff Ward, who, if I have the right guy, is a natural bodybuilder from south Florida who's appeared in quite a few things, most notable among them Bachelor Party 2 and and episode of "The Glades." No word on which character he's playing, but a good-looking, probably-ripped dude like this, I have an idea or two. But again, on the major details, I prefer to relate rather than break.

The other piece of interesting information gleaned from the Wikipedia page is that credit for the score is being given to Asylum-maestro Chris Ridenhour. I double-checked this with the man himself, and he confirmed, which in my book is excellent news. If you've ever seen an Asylum movie, you've head Ridenhour's work. Dude's composed the score for a whopping 32 films for our favorite studio, including pretty much everything in recent memory. He did the score for my first script, A Haunting in Salem, and though we're still awaiting the release of that one (10/4/2011), I've heard the track that plays over the closing credits and it is INCREDIBLE. Ridenhour has a real knack for augmenting the emotional impact of each scene he scores. When I heard that closing track, I felt like he understood the story and the characters maybe even better than I did. Guy's solid gold; expect a thrilling, sweeping, epic score.

And that's all there is for now, but with many major details left to reveal - including, like, a dozen more cast members - and my fervent, almost obsessive need to share any and all info on this with anyone who will listen and several who won't, rest assured the second it breaks, it'll be posted right here.

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