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A Couple of Asylum Tidbits

photo from the BBC
Couple of interesting news items pertaining to The Asylum today, this first bit coming from the fine folks at Adult Swim, who interviewed two of the three Asylum head honchos - Paul Bales and David RIMAWI (the third, of course, being David Michael Latt)- about what exactly it takes to make a mockbuster succeed. I get a lot of questions - and by a lot, I mean like half a dozen, I run in small circles - about how The Asylum works, and to date this is the best article out there, well, articulating it. And I can personally attest to the speed with which they work: both of the scripts I've written for them - A Haunting in Salem and 2 Headed Shark Attack - I composed first drafts in about five days. Don't let that stop you from believing in these scripts' utter awesomocity, by the way, in both instances they were an inspired five days. Anywho, take a look at the article, it might be the most thorough in-print interview with the studio higher-ups to date; and their enthusiasm is contagious. 

Secondly, today SyFy announced their Fall programming schedule, including the air-date for The Asylum's next foray into the realm of the undead, Zombie Apocalypse, starring Ving Rhames (hell yeah!) and Taryn Manning (also hell yeah!): October 29th, two days before Halloween and the crown jewel in the network's "bloodcurdling programming" block for the month. SyFy exec Craig Engler co-wrote the script with Brooks Peck, and the film is being directed by Nick Lyon (Species: The Awakening). I'm super excited about this one, not only because of the stellar cast - which includes Lesley-Ann Brandt ("Spartacus"), Eddie Steeples ("My Name is Earl") and Gerald Webb ("Law & Order: L.A.," Battle of Los Angeles, 2012 Ice Age, A Haunting in Salem, 2 Headed Shark Attack) - but also because the story - rugged band of survivors fighting through an infested L.A. to a supposed sanctuary on Catalina - sounds kinda like a Zombie Judgment Night, which to me at least is kick-ass. Catch this one when it airs, or suffer the two-month wait until its DVD release December 27th.

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