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An Asylum Autumn

As Summer starts turning towards Fall, we find ourselves currently in a relative desert of Asylum releases - Barely Legal came out almost a month ago, and there's still a little more than a month before Dragon Crusaders drops on DVD. It's an admitted first-world concern, but when you're used to get a movie a month from your favorite studio, any longer variation leaves you fiending for a fix. Right? Please? 

Anywho, we're about to exit this desert for a vast oasis in which a flurry of Asylum films can be found. Behold, the rest of The Asylum's jam-packed 2011 schedule:

Dragon Crusaders

DVD September 27, 2011

written and directed by Mark Atkins

starring Dylan Jones, Cecily Fay, Simon Lloyd-Roberts, Karl Greenwood, Shinead Byrne and Tony Sams

A Haunting in Salem

DVD October 4, 2011

directed by Shane Van Dyke

written by H. Perry Horton (that's me)

starring Bill Oberst Jr, Courtney Abbiati, Nicholas Harsin, Jenna Stone, Carey Van Dyke, Gerald Webb

3 Musketeers

DVD October 27, 2011

directed by Cole McKay

written by Edward DeRuiter

starring Heather Hemmens, Xin, Alan Rachins, Keith Allan, Michelle Boyd, David Chokachi


DVD November 1, 2011

directed by Keith Allan

written by Kiff Scholl and Keith Allan

starring Jon Briddell, Hayden Byerly, Erin Coker

Born Bad

DVD November 8, 2011

written and directed by Jared Cohn

starring Michael Welch, Bonnie Dennison, Meredith Monroe, David Chokachi

Zombie Apocalypse
DVD December 27, 2011
directed by Nick Lyon
written by Craig Engler and Brooks Peck
starring Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning, Lesley Ann-Brandt,
Johnny Pacar, Eddie Steeples, Gary Weeks, Anya Monzikova,
Gerald Webb, Lilian Bowden, Robert Blanche

And as though all this wasn't enough, there's still the recently-revealed Amityville Haunting from director Geoff Meed in the works, possibly for a 2011 release but most likely 2012, and 2 Headed Shark Attack from director Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray, from a script by me, H. Perry Horton, from a story by Edward DeRuiter, which will be out on DVD January 17, 2012, starring Charlie O'Connell, Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan.

So by my math, that's at least 6 Asylum films in the next four months, plus one ready to go when the new year rolls over. Get ready to be busy. 

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