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Zombie Apocalypse Coming!

The Asylum's really been dropping the surprise flicks on us this year: first there was Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes, announced only a week or so before release, then there was last month's sudden announcement about upcoming thriller 11/11/11, and now, out of (kinda) nowhere, behold the production stills for Zombie Apocalypse!

Would that be a pipe Mr. Rhames is hitting with?

Yep. That's Ving Rhames. VING RHAMES. In an Asylum movie. TOO AWESOME! And as if Ving wasn't enough, this one also boasts the acting talents of Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow, Crossroads), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Spartacus), Johnny Pacar (Make It or Break It), Eddie Steeples (My Name is Earl, Office Depot commercials) and Asylum-staple Gerald Webb (Battle of Los Angeles, Titanic II, upcoming A Haunting in Salem.)

But wait, there's even more awesomeness here!

Zombie Apocalypse is being directed by one Nick Lyon, best known for helming the most-recent Species film, The Awakening. And the script - oh man - the script is being written by two newcomers, Craig Engler and Brooks Peck. The neat thing here, is that Engler is a Senior Executive at the SyFy network. That's right, The Asylum and SyFy working together on what has to be one of the biggest productions in the studio's history. 

So go, check out the pictures, pass them on to friends and family because this one's gonna be EPIC. Zombie Apocalypse  hots DVD December 27th of this year, but something tells me there might be a television premiere looming for this one...

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  1. Zombies, chicks with swords, chicks with turret guns, chicks with crossbows and arrows, Ving Rhames with giant fucking hammers, some dude with guns and baseball bats – Dude, you get an adrenaline rush just cycling through these pictures, lol. Its gonna be one fucking kick ass action-packed zombie mayhem flick and I cannot wait to see it.