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3 Musketeers Gets a Trailer!!!

Well, that was a quick hiatus for me, but deservedly-interrupted by the release today of the trailer for The Asylum's take on Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure tale 3 Musketeers. The film - written by Ed DeRuiter and directed by Cole S. McKay - looks to be AWESOME. I've said it more than once this year and no doubt I'll say it a couple times more, but Asylum features have gotten a serious upgrade, FX-wise, and I say that as someone who has always loved their FX. But this new stuff, especially the aerial FX and action sequences shown in this trailer are outstanding and totally do their job of getting me pumped for the film.

3 Musketeers stars Heather Hemmens, Xin, Alan Rachins, Keith Allan, Michelle Boyd and David Chokachi, and hits the streets in DVD form on the 25th of October. 

Now, back to card-counting... 


  1. That's exciting! I hope they save the King of France!

  2. From those of us working hard to make those VFX better every day, thank you. Many folks don't realize we do this (from a hundred to two hundred shots) in about a month with an average of 6 people, often less. It really does mean a lot to have someone notice when we succeed. We have a great team getting better with each show. And sharp-eyed viewers keep us on our toes when we find areas to improve. BTW, anyone recognize that plane, albeit in a different livery? :-) Joe Lawson, VFX Supervisor, The Global Asylum

  3. my pleasure, mr. lawson. rest assured the readers of Committed and i fully recognize and appreciate the hard work of you and your colleagues. keep succeeding! and jeez, how many disasters can befall one airline? :)

  4. At least one more disaster for this particular plane... in Zombie Apocalypse, October 29th on SyFy. (Must be some lingering pain from only having 3 people and 3 weeks to do the original Airline Disaster) ;-) JL