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Shark Week, Asylum-Style! On the Road with Gemi the 2 Headed Shark!

As I posted a few days ago, the next Asylum film to enter production, 2 Headed Shark Attack (which I wrote, based on a story by Ed DeRuiter) is currently gearing up in a major, spectacular way. The film's director, Christopher Ray (Almighty Thor, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus) is making his way across this great nation of ours as we speak, hauling what has to be the most awesome cargo ever:

A 2-headed shark affectionately nicknamed Gemi. 

Ray's going old school on this one, it seems, not relying entirely on CGI but putting an actual model in the water, a beautiful, expertly crafted, marvelously frightening and spot-on model. 

But before Gemi hits the Atlantic waters off the coast of Florida, he's taking some time to pose with some of the first of his inevitable legion of fans.

This is Gemi hanging out with a fella by the name of Eugene at a Chevron station in Blythe, California, right on the Arizona border. Looks like Ray's taking I-10 clear across into the pan-handle, which is a beautiful highway. I've driven it a handful of times myself, and strongly suggest a stop in beautiful Van Horn, Texas, within view of Mexico's ethereal Guadalupe Mountains. Just a travel tip.

Then Tuesday we got a few new shots from the grand state of Texas:

This is Gemi hanging out in the parking lot of a Mexican Restaurant. I like his style.

And this is Gemi snacking on a very happy child. I can't tell if Mom is trying to pull him out or push him in. Either way, that's the coolest vacation photo I've ever seen.

And here's Gemi kicking it with two lovely young ladies in beautiful Beaumont, Texas. 

From Texas, Gemi dropped into the deep-fried South, where he took a moment in Louisiana to pose with some genuine Southern Belles...

...and to have a bite (you didn't actually think I'd get through this without a horrible pun, did you? for shame...).

But when Gemi crossed over into Florida, folks in the Sunshine State were a little too skittish to get near the shark (backlash from Jaws 3, no doubt) so it was up to the film's intrepid Production Designer (I don't know who this is, but I'll find out) to pose with Gemi.

My favorite part about this one is the sign over the truck advertising "Real Hamburgers." If you guys run across any signs advertising "Fake Hamburgers," I vehemently request another photo.

So there you have it, one 2-headed shark's journey across this great country of ours - or at least the southern part, which for my confederate money is the best - seeing the sights, connecting with fans, and most importantly, amping itself up for next year's biggest shark film (that's right, Dark Tide, bring it). 

2 Headed Shark Attack starts filming in a couple weeks for a January 17, 2012 DVD release. Details as they become available...

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