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T-Minus One Month Until The DVD/Blu Ray Release of A HAUNTING IN SALEM!!!

That's right, exactly one month from today, on October 4th, 2011, A Haunting in Salem - my first produced script, directed by Shane Van Dyke and starring Bill Oberst Jr., Courtney Abbiati, Jenna Stone, Nicholas Harsin, Gerald Webb, Carey Van Dyke et al - will be released by the venerable peeps at The Asylum on DVD and Blu-Ray, in 3D if you have one of those fancy 3D TVs. For those fine folks looking to purchase the film, you can pre-order it from Amazon here, or if you're on the Netflix, add this shizzle to your queue now to ensure you're near the top of the list.

Today also marks a month chock-full of blatant plugging and hyping of the film by yours truly, including profiles of the creative personnel behind the film, links to press and advance reviews, an in-depth and exclusive interview with actor Bill Oberst Jr., possibly a surprise or two, and, of course, up-to-the-minute accounts of my general freaking out over what is easily the biggest deal in my life (until January 17th, that is.). Should be, at least, entertaining.

But fantasy fans don't fret, I'm well-aware that the next actual release from The Asylum is Mark Atkins' Dragon Crusaders, and rest-assured I'll be giving that film it's full due as well, including more profiles, an exclusive interview with actor Simon Lloyd-Roberts and my patented blend of objectivity and fanaticism in the form of Observation Notes. 

It's gonna be a pretty rad and hectic month here at Committed; drop by often...


  1. Wow, that's... um... premium pricing for Haunting.

    I may ha e missed it in your other posts, but was it actually shot in 3D or was it converted? And with the disks feature the 2D version as well?

  2. premium pricing for a premium product, my friend!

    and the film was shot in 3D, not converted, though the dvd and blu ray will also feature an equally-frightening 2D version as well!

  3. Out of the two Asylum dragon flicks I've seen, one I hated (Dragonquest) and one I loved (Merlin and the War of the Dragons), so I'm very much interested in finding out which side Dragon Crusaders is gonna land on for me.

    And of course I'm always down for creepy haunted house flicks :)