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B Movie Celebration This Weekend!

Franklin, Indiana is in for a wild weekend, because it is once again time for the annual B Movie Celebration in just five short days, and this year The Asylum has a couple of reasons to be popping bottles and joining in.

First up, actor Gerald Webb (Titanic II, 2012 Ice Age, Born Bad, A Haunting in Salem, upcoming 2 Headed Shark Attack) is being honored as a part of the Golden Cobb Awards - and awards ballot solely aimed at B Movies - in the "Best Rising B Actor" award for his stellar work in the film Battle of Los Angeles as "Lt. Jeffrey Newman."

And secondly, The Asylum's next release - Dragon Crusaders, on DVD a week from tomorrow - is getting its world premiere at the celebration. The film - written and directed by Mark Atkins, the man also responsible for Battle of Los Angeles - is the latest fantasy epic from our favorite studio and it sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Head over to the celebration's website for more info on the goings-on, including the lineup of other films premiering over the weekend...some interesting stuff... 

A Hearty Committed-congratulations to Mr. Webb, a fine actor with a quite promising future! Salud!

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