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More Names From 2 Headed Shark Attack Revealed

With the arrival of the first production stills from 2 Headed Shark Attack has also come a bit more information about just who comprises the cast of this future classic. As I've mentioned, it's a large cast, so this news is going to come trickling in, but as of now not only do we have a look at two new cast members and the name of a third, we've also got the first images of two others.

First up is Shannon Stewart in the role of "Lyndsey." There are quite a few Shannon Stewarts on IMDB so I didn't want to speculate as to which one she is, if even she has a profile there as of yet - there are a lot of newcomers in this one, which I think is great, fresh meat ;) - but I was able to find her Vimeo profile, which provides her performance reel from last year.

Next we have Miss Lauren Perez, who will be bringing to life the character of "Jamie," yet another endangered coed. Again, lots of Lauren Perez's out there, so perhaps here we have another fortunate rookie making her big screen (depending on how large your TV is) debut in 2 Headed Shark Attack. Lots of people cutting their teeth on this one (I can't make the puns stop, I've tried, but it's like they're controlling me, sorry...).

And then there's two cast members we've already discussed, David Gallegos (above) and Mercedes Young (right). We already knew Gallegos was playing the role of "Paul," but now we know that Ms. Young will be playing "Liza," as well as getting a look at the two in character.

Now, I can't tell you anything more about these characters for the sake of everyone's hard work and your sense of enjoyment upon the film's release, but I can tell you that as the dude who wrote the script based on the story of another dude (Ed DeRuiter), so far I've been really excited by how this cast is coming together.

Aside from info revealed by the stills, there are a couple more names we've learned are associated with the project, these coming from The Asylum's own page: actress Corinne Nobili and cinematographer Stuart Brereton. Nobili appears to be another newcomer, but has a few projects listed on her IMDB page, while Brereton has served as a camera operator on Torchwood and the latest incarnation of Doctor Who

See for yourself the culmination of these talents when director Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray's masterpiece 2 Headed Shark Attack hits DVD on January 17th, 2012.

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