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Dragon Crusaders Out Today! PLUS: One Week Until A Haunting in Salem

Ah, glorious Tuesday, the day movies are born into our lives. This Tuesday marks the beginning of a string of awesome Tuesdays for Asylum fans; not only are there FIVE Asylum movies coming to DVD in the next six weeks - Dragon Crusaders (9/27), A Haunting in Salem (see below), 3 Musketeers (10/25), 11/11/11 (11/1) and Born Bad UNCUT (11/8), there's also the SyFy premiere of Zombie Apocalypse October 27th.

Think about it like this: if there was a holiday season specifically designed for Asylum fans, this would be it. Six flicks, three months, and it all starts today with the release of writer/director Mark Atkins' Dragon Crusaders, a sweeping and thrilling fantasy epic in the tradition of Clash of the Titans and Reign of Fire. I've already weighed in on this flick, so scroll down a couple posts if you care to share my thoughts. Either way, rush to your local video store, kiosk or streaming site and get your hands on this bad boy toot suite.

But be sure to save some room, because one week from today, on Tuesday, October 4th, the Asylum's next release, and the very first film produced off a script I wrote, A Haunting in Salem will be released worldwide on DVD and Blu-Ray, and even in 3D if'n you got one a them fancified 3D TV players. Speaking from a strictly biased perspective, this is quite simply the greatest film in the history of light and sound. Okay, possibly I'm stretching, but at the least it is a superbly crafted, expertly executed, chilling, haunting and spectacular spook-fest, the perfect way to start of this Halloween season. 

So that's how it goes: Dragon Crusaders today, A Haunting in Salem next Tuesday. Both from The Asylum, both a guaranteed good time. Let's get through this next week and then I'll start the hyping for 3 Musketeers, a balls-out action bonanza from the mind of Edward DeRuiter and the eye of Cole McKay.

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