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inmate profile: Tony Sams

So much to cover this month: naturally, I'm all attuned to the release of A Haunting in Salem on October 4th - seeing as I wrote it -  but that doesn't mean I'm going to neglect my inmate-duty to faithfully promote the studio's next actual release, writer/director Mark Atkins' Dragon Crusaders, available September 27th. So then, let's turn the Committed spotlight on another member of this fantasy epic's cast, one Tony Sams, who plays the role of "Sigmund."

His bio on IMDB pretty much says it all: "Born in Lincoln in the UK, his parents moved to Southampton where he grew up playing in bands across the South Coast. He made the move into acting after being cast in a short in 2005. Since then, he has appeared in both leading and supporting roles. As a special skills performer, he has also worked with horses on films, such as Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, Clash of The Titans II, and BBC's Merlin, among others."

As an actor, this appears to be Mr. Sams' first feature credit. From the looks of those horse credits, it would seem Mr. Sams has a professional connection to Dylan Jones, profiled earlier. And yes, that picture above is of Mr. Sams in Dragon Crusaders, so there's a little glimpse of just how epic this epic's gonna be. Find out for sure September 27th!

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