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outside the walls: Asylum Regulars' Other Work

A couple of neat news tidbits here on some Asylum inmates past and present, beginning with even more good news for Born Bad writer/director and five-time Asylum actor Jared Cohn: last week I told you about the long-awaited DVD release for his first film behind the camera, The Carpenter Part One: And So They Die...; now there comes word that his next script, Traced aka Hard Brake, has won the 27th Writing Contest, an accolade accompanied by a little scrilla, a trip to LA, some industry-type meetings and all the trappings. Check out the results here, and join me in keeping an eye out for news that this one's been greenlit. 

In other news, Nick Everhart, writer/director of Asylum classics 666: The Beast and 2012 Doomsday as well as the line producer for five others, has a cool, scary short over on one of my fav sites, Arrow in the Head, a part of the venerable and respected JoBlo Movie Network. The deal is, AITH has created a new column called YourHorrorVids in which they "...give exposure to... well...YOUR HORROR VIDS! I'm talking about cool horror shorts, music videos, cool reels, parodies created by YOU or someone else. The idea is that we want to give amateur filmmakers further exposure, so if you know of any slick HORROR VIDS that deserve our props, chime the f*ck in by emailing us at: 

Pretty cool stuff from some pretty cool people; but what else do you expect from creative talent that cut their teeth at The Asylum's bit?

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