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R.I.P. Gemi, the 2 Headed Shark Model

Courtesy of the twitter feed of Devin Ward - line producer of 11/11/11, unit production manager of Born Bad, A Haunting in Salem and Zombie Apocalypse, and 2nd assistant director of 2012: Ice Age (and presumably one of those things on 2 Headed Shark Attack) - comes this shot confirming the death of the mighty"Gemi," two-headed scourge of the Florida Keys. According to the post, twas seawater that did the model in. A beautiful irony, that. 

So a salute then, a toast to the greatest, mightiest, most handsome two-headed fish to ever bloody the seven seas. Though gone, Gemi shall never be forgotten, memorialized in digital cellulose for all time as she is, to be enjoyed, reviled and feared by generations to come. Empty your glasses, men, a warrior has fallen.

Revel in Gemi's exploits January 17th, 2012, when 2 Headed Shark Attack is released on DVD.


  1. Do you know if they ended up getting all the shots they needed to with it before it went into disrepair, or are some shots that they were hoping to use it for, now going to be CGI as well?

  2. i don't know about any of that, but from the look of the stills, they got a hell of a lot of use out of the model!

  3. We actually called him Deuce Bruce on set.... Not sure where "Gemi" came from.

    And we did get a lot of usage out of him.

  4. That shark got a ton of play! We had some smokin hots girls inside operating him while it chomped on some more hotties. Deuce Bruce will be missed. Except for moving his big, bulky heavy ass.