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2 More Names Mentioned for 2 Headed Shark Attack!

I've spoken a few times now about how expansive the 2 Headed Shark Attack cast is, so it stands to reason this information would start to trickle in now that the IMDB page and the Wikipedia page are up. As such, I've learned of two more cast members, so of course I've come online to share the news.

First up is Ashley Bissing, who isn't mentioned - yet - on either page but who responded to my tweet about the IMDB page going live. Seems Miss Bissing will be playing "Kristen" in the film, a delightful firecracker of a character if I do say so myself. Miss Bissing seems to be a relative newcomer to the screen acting biz, as her only IMDB credit to date is as a set production assistant on the Jim Carrey-Ewan MacGregor romance I Love You, Phillip Morris. After 2 Headed Shark Attack, however, it's doubtful she'll be able to walk the streets in blessed anonymity any longer.

Also joining the cast, as verified by the Wikipedia page, is Miss Mercedes Young, another relative newcomer who's only on-camera credit seems to be a cameo in Beyonce's video for "Best Thing I Never Had." Ummm...that's worth like ten movies, at least. Cameo in a Beyonce video?! That's on a bucket list I got around here somewhere, and technically it reads, "ride and/or wrestle an alligator in background of a Beyonce video." I have admittedly strange goals.

Anywho, these two lovely and no-doubt immensely talented young ladies are the newest members of the ensemble that is 2 Headed Shark Attack, lead of course by the formidable Carmen Electra, the endearing Charlie O'Connell and the alluring Brooke Hogan. There are still a dozen or so names to be revealed, and I'm gonna let you know about every damn one of them, because I am (perhaps foolishly) convinced that everyone in the world is as ravenous as I am for any and all info on what is destined to be the greatest shark movie of the 21st Century.

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