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inmate profile: Nicholas Harsin

Continuing to shine the Committed spotlight on the creative talent behind The Asylum's upcoming horror-spectacular A Haunting in Salem - (ahem) - we turn today to the youngest member of the cast, one Nicholas Harsin, a promising young actor making his feature debut here as "Kyle," youngest child of the unfortunate family afflicted by the titular malady.

And, well, that's all there really is on young Mr. Harsin. Salem is his first feature, though he has also appeared recently in a short entitled Fairies and Faun, described as: A playful chase by a modern faun to a fairy in the magical setting of the Yosemite National Park, surrounded by wild buffaloes and horses. Sounds pretty trippy, and pretty good, apparently, as it won the Best Shorts Competition at the Milano Film Festival back in May of this year.

Other than that, Harsin's IMDB page says he plays both the French Horn and the trumpet - pretty rad - and he also studied photography at the Glasgow School of Art; sounds like we got a real Renaissance guy on our hands here. High hopes, then, for his performance in A Haunting in Salem. All indications are of Harsin as a young man with a wisdom and breadth of emotion greater than his years would belie, which makes him the perfect casting for "Kyle." See for yourself this coming Tuesday, October 4th when A Haunting in Salem conquers the world on DVD and Blu Ray.


  1. Hot is right !! Great job in the Salem movie. I'd watch another movie to see more of you. Nice work