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inmate profile: Jenna Stone

As Committed continues to spotlight the creative talent behind the upcoming Asylum-classic A Haunting in Salem, we find the beam pausing now on one Jenna Stone, the talented young actress who inhabits to role of "Ali," the afflicted family's eldest child and only daughter.

According to IMDB, Miss Stone was born in lovely Grosse Pointe, Michigan; you know, where John Cusack made that movie. And that's all they got, biographical-wise.

Professionally, Miss Stone has been on the scene a few years now, starting her screen career in the serial-killer-thriller Cherry Mapping in 2009, followed by a TV movie with Jack ("Heroes") Coleman and Helen (Supergirl, The Legend of Billy Jean, not-related-to-Christian) Slater, Rock the House, seventeen episodes of the television program "Miss Behave," and now A Haunting in Salem.

Now, I've made a promise to myself not to give anything away about the film, but I will say that Miss Stone is definitely one to watch, as the trailer probably clued you into by now. As "Ali" she gives one of the film's most vulnerable and visceral performances. Seriously, though, keep your eyes on her...if you dare...(insert guttural crazy-laugh here, if you like)

A Haunting in Salem - directed by Shane Van Dyke from a script by H. Perry Horton (me) - hits DVD soooooooo soon: October 4th, 2011. Queue it up!

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