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First Stills From 2 Headed Shark Attack!!!!!!!

The Asylum came through today with the best birthday gift possible (it's my birthday) in the form of the first stills from 2 Headed Shark Attack, a film I totally wrote based on a story by Ed DeRuiter. And in a single word, exaggeratedly drawn out for the sake of over-emphasis, these pics are awwwwwwwwesommmmmmmmmme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The film stars Carmen Electra and Charlie O'Connell as a married couple running a Semester at Sea program with a fresh crop of students, including Brooke Hogan. This film's got everything: fun, sun, buff and beautiful coeds in bikinis, a rad-looking shark model and a ton of carnage. It's gonna be an all-out slaughter-fest, believe me, and from this first glimpse, director Christopher Ray has brought the pain!

Get your ass over to the flickr site and peruse these lovely images. They should tide you over until we get the poster, then the trailer, then the film itself on DVD January 17th, 2012.

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