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inmate profile: Cecily Fay

In honor of the next Asylum release, Dragon Crusaders, out on DVD at the end of this month, it's time to turn the Committed spotlight on the creative forces behind this fantasy epic. First up: actress Cecily Fay.

A Brit by birth, Ms. Fay began her entertaining career as a dancer with the English National Ballet Company, which sounds pretty damn prestigious. It was the lithe nimbleness she learned as a dancer, I suspect, that would come in handy later when Ms. Fay evolved into not only an actress, but a stuntwoman and martial artist as well.

Okay, okay, one thing at a time here. As an actress, Ms Fay has performed in nine feature films, notable among them The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which she was a creature performer, Warrioress, out soon, which she also wrote, produced and composed the score for, and, of course, Dragon Crusaders

As a stunt performer, Ms. Fay has worked as a double and a choreographer. Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory featured her stunt work.

As a martial artist - and this part's really cool - Ms. Fay is considered "the foremost Silat seni performer in the world." What's Silat seni, you ask? Well, I'm not too sure. Googling this only confused me, because it seems like there might be a couple variations and I don't want to get anything wrong, but basically, as far as I can tell, it's a form of self-defense, a combative art, possibly Malaysian in origin, that puts a lot of emphasis on fluidity of movement and may possibly involve a sword. Check this website for more specifics. 

Regardless, as you can tell from her work in the trailer, there's definitely a sword involved in Dragon Crusaders, and Ms. Fay looks right at ease with it. Check out her slaying skills when Dragon Crusaders hits DVD September 27th.

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