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Asylum Should-Stars #10: TWILIGHT EDITION

That's right, for this tenth installment of my presumptuous and unsolicited recommendations of those actors I think should star in an Asylum movie, and in the wake of the success of the TV premiere of Born Bad, starring Twilighter Michael Welch, I've decided to dedicate this Should-Stars entirely to other Twilighters who should follow their talented co-star's lead and come play with the greatest studio around. Plus, I get to say Twilighter, which for some reason I like. I should warn you, however, that I've only seen the first of these movies, and only because I stayed at the Inn where they shot the prom scene and it was free in the room. That said, though, let's jump right in.

Name: Rachelle Lefevre

Twilight Role: "Victoria," but only in the first two films. This is the gal that overbooked her way out of the biggest franchise in recent Hollywood history. 

Also Known For: A lot of ill-fated TV including FOX's "Life on a Stick" - that shopping-mall-hot-dog-stand thing - CBS' "Swingtown" - the swinger show - and ABC's "What About Brian" - an attempt to capitalize on Barry Watson's "7th Heaven" fame, which, oddly enough, didn't actually exist. Her most recent gig, that "Lost" meets "Grey's Anatomy" show "Off the Map," was just canceled. Meaning she's available?

Best Suited For: perky scientist roles, plucky independent women whose beauty limits them, and thus they overcompensate intellectually and withhold themselves emotionally. That is, until the right man comes along...

Name: Jackson Rathbone

Twilight Role: "Jasper," which I think - based on some of the photos I saw upon Googling him - is one of the vampires. Dude looks like a vampire. Or at least his hair does.

Also Known For: S. Darko, The Last Airbender (aka the original Avatar) and a bunch of stuff even I have never heard of, meaning this guy's ready for a starring vehicle, but not ready enough for the A-list. Let The Asylum give him a boost!

Best Suited For: I'm seeing a gaunt and frenetic serial killer,or a good man struggling with an evil presence within himself, something that highlights how freaky this dude seems to be, and his manic hair.

Name: Ashley Greene

Twilight Role: "Alice Cullen," definitely a vampire. A very, very, very bewitching vampire. 

Also Known For: there's a lot on her IMDB profile, relatively speaking, but politely facing it, this is all she's known for. And being really very hot.

Best Suited For: being on camera. There are two ways to go here: one, the typical heroine, a scientist or sheriff or cop of some sort, or two, the femme fatale, the vixen with a pistol in her garter, the manipulative seductress with a violent secret.

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