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2-Headed Shark Attack Set to Invade the British Isles in 2012!!!

According to one of my favorite sites, Dread Central, it seems B-movies fans across the pond have something to cheer about this week, as it was announced that 2 Headed Shark Attack - or Two Headed Shark Attack as they're calling it - will be released on DVD in Spring of 2012, courtesy of prolific British producer Jonathan Sothcott (Dead Cert, Devil's Playground, upcoming Strippers vs Werewolves with Robert Englund and Elfie Hopkins with Ray Winstone). Check out these excerpts from the press release:

"Prolific UK horror producer JONATHAN SOTHCOTT (Strippers Vs Werewolves, Elfie Hopkins) is bringing some very different genre films to the British home entertainment market in 2012 through his ‘Jonathan Sothcott Presents’ imprint with leading indie distributor 4Digital Media.

First up, and in keeping with the spirit of Sothcott’s own instant camp classic Strippers Vs Werewolves is TWO-HEADED SHARK ATTACK starring uber-babes CARMEN ELECTRA and BROOKE HOGAN. Sothcott notes, “I love shark movies, JAWS is my favourite film, and I see every one that comes out. This one is destined to become a DVD favourite with its deliriously satisfying visual buffet of stunning babes, outrageous gore and a truly brilliant monster. Casting Brooke and Carmen was brilliant, as they are A grade totty the boys will fall in love with between the amazing set piece deaths the film is peppered with.”

"Sothcott, whose Black and Blue Films has produced 8 UK feature films in the last 2 years, worked as Head of Acquisitions for The Horror Channel some years ago. 4Digital Media’s Tony Taglienti commented, “I always say Jonathan is one of the most commercially-minded producers I know, and we are delighted to be teaming with him on these releases. He has a Roger Corman–type showmanship and is really in love with the genre and helps us reach further on these titles than we might otherwise.

Sothcott said, “Having released a number of my own pictures with 4Digital, I know that indie films have a great home there for the UK. Tony, Steve and Sally really look after film-makers and offer them a truly personal service, and I’m delighted to be working with them on these and other third party titles.

In 2011 Sothcott brought US imports The Frankenstein Syndrome (starring Tiffany Sheppis) and Dead West (as Cowboys Vs Vampires) to the UK market, along with underrated Brit chiller Mindflesh. These films were successful enough for him to formalise his relationship with 4DigitalMedia, and they are looking to collaborate on up to 10 releases per year.

Both films will be released on DVD in spring 2012."

Pretty cool stuff. Sounds like Sothcott's seen the film, or at least parts of it, and it sounds like he's pretty impressed. And speaking of impressive, dig the UK poster for the flick:

I like it, has a real Piranha 3D feel to it. I also love it that the unfortunate woman on the right has somehow managed to lose her bikini top. That's gonna be a rad scene, trust me.

Over here in the U.S. of A., 2 Headed Shark Attack - starring Carmen Electra, Brooke Hogan, Charlie O'Connell and a deep, talented cast directed by Christopher Ray off a script by me, H. Perry Horton, from a story by Edward DeRuiter - will be released on DVD January 31st, 2012, about two months from now. I literally don't know if I can wait that long. 

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