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outside the walls: December DVD Releases

So I'll admit it, there are films not produced by The Asylum. There always have been, always will be. These glasses I wear are not rose-colored. They are clear, and occasionally smudged with fingerprints. A sampling of non-Asylum films due soon and news that might spark the interest of Asylum fans. Just remember, Sweet 'n Low ain't Sugar.

December 6

Alien Armageddon

The Bait
Point Blank

Psychic Experiment

December 13

Kill Katie Malone

Little Deaths

The Undying

December 20

Burke & Hare

Saint Nick

December 27

Zombie Apocalypse
written by Craig Engler & Brooks Peck
directed by Nick Lyon
starring Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning, Lesley-Ann Brandt & Gerald Webb

The Amityville Haunting
found-footage film
Apollo 18

Armed & Deadly

Final Destination 5

The Hunters

Hostel Part 3

In the Name of the King 2

The Tunnel

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