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The 2011 Loonies...Coming SOON!!!

That's right, as another year draws to a close, so is birthed the 2011 Looney Awards for Excellence in Asylum Films, a completely-unaffiliated, fan-voted and non-binding awards presentation I designed to spotlight the best of each year's Asylum crop. 

There are still two films left to be released in 2011 - Amityville Haunting and Zombie Apocalypse - so I don't have all of the nominees as of yet, but I have most of them lined up and ready to drop...which I will do Friday, December 30th, three days after both Amityville & Zombie are released on DVD.

Last year's big winner was Mega Piranha, taking 5 of 8 categories including Best Picture and Best Director for Eric Forsberg. Who's the frontrunner this year? Mega Python vs Gatoroid? Zombie Apocalypse? A Haunting in Salem? Only time and your votes will tell.

The 2011 Loonies boast more categories, more nominees, and more opportunities for B-movie-blog immortality. Don't just imagine the possibilities, stop by December 30th and live the dream...

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  1. Can't wait! I bet Zombie Apocalypse takes best picture.