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The Asylum on SyFy December/January

With the shortage of video stores in our country at present, locating older Asylum titles on DVD without buying them can be kinda tricky. Fortunately for us, we have the SyFy network, which is constantly scheduling one Asylum flick or another, including many of the studio's staples, those older films that helped pave the way for the triumphant productions they're unleashing these days. Below, please find a schedule of Asylum movies on SyFy for the rest of this month, and next month, including an all-Asylum afternoon triple feature on January 22nd, a Sunday. This isn't a post I make often, and if ever you're curious as to what if any Asylum films will be gracing the small screen soon, jump over to The Asylum's website, where they always have a schedule up on the right side of their homepage. All times are Eastern Standard. Happy viewing!

Titanic II   Thurs, 12/15, 3am

100 Feet   Thurs./Fri. 12/29&30 5pm/3am

2012: Supernova   Sat., 1/14, 9am

100 Feet   Tues., 1.17, 11am

Journey to the Center of the Earth   Sun., 1/22, 1pm

100 Million BC   Sun., 1/22, 3pm

The Land That Time Forgot   Sun., 1/22, 5pm

100 Million BC   Mon., 1/23, 12am

Princess of Mars   Thurs., 1/26, 3am

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus   Fri./Sat., 1/27&28, 2pm/3am

MegaFault   Sat., 1/28, 1pm

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