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Celebrity Sex Tape Gets a Poster!!!

Today the fine folks over at The Asylum revealed the poster for their next sex farce, Celebrity Sex Tape:

Pretty standard poster, white background a la all Asylum comedy posters, and plenty of titillating promise. In case you forgot, this is the premise:

A group of college nerds secretly record a washed up celebrity having sex and post the tape on the internet. When the publicity revives the actress's career, every B-list celebrity, reality show reject, and celebutante in Hollywood want to star in the guys next "production."

Rrrrrracy...the film - directed by Scott Wheeler (MILF) from a script by Jonny Haug, Pat Sheehan and Matt Short and starring Jack Cullison, Emily Addison, Jonathan Brett, Colbert Alembert, Howard Cai, Andre Meadows and Julie Barzman - hits DVD on February 14th, 2012, making it next year's perfect Valentine's gift.

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