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What's the Matter, People? You Don't Want MEGA SHARK 3?!?!?!?

If ever there was a time that we faithfully-committed needed to come together and unify our voices, it is now.

Almost a month ago, The Asylum threw down a simple but AMAZING gauntlet: if their Twitter account hit 3,000 followers by December 31st, 2011, they would greenlight MEGA SHARK 3 for production. MEGA SHARK 3. As an Asylum fan, there should be no sweeter three-word phrase in this or any other language.

At present, however, their follower count stands at only 1,246, which is 1,754 followers away from our 3K goal, and we have only 22 days left to hit it.

So take to the web, dear friends, blow up your own Twitter accounts, your Facebooks, your Google+'s, your blogs and webpages, message boards, forums, wherever you go online where there are other people, you need to let them know to follow The Asylum and help bring about the greatest third-installment to a shark franchise ever (sorry Jaws 3D). And don't stop at the web. Back in the day, we used to talk to people face-to-face, and though out-dated, you still have the technology to do so. Tell your neighbors, your mailman, your grocer, your in-laws, that dick at work, your bartender, definitely your weed-dealer, people walking their dogs or pushing babies, anyone with ears and a computer. 

This is a rare and spectacular opportunity; are we just going to sit around idly and let it pass us by? HELL NO.

You got two options, as I see it: you can spread this post and it's call to duty like you would Mononucleosis at a high-school make-out party and help contribute to what is easily one of the most important cultural movements of our generation, or you can sit on your ass and let other companies make crappy shark movies to fill that deep, black void inside you. Which sounds better, Cheeto-fingers?

As a special incentive - and I don't know if you'll think it's special, but I would, if it wasn't about me - if The Asylum does hit 3K followers by 12/31/11, I'll select one of those followers at random and mail you an autographed copy (autographed by me, unfortunately, so the resale value is nil) of 2 Headed Shark Attack when it comes out on DVD at the end of January. Just think! A copy of the greatest 2-headed anything film ever autographed by a low-level contributor! How B-awesome is that?

22 days. 1,700+ followers. Let's get at it, team.

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