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Almighty Thor Casting News! This One's For The Ladies!

Attention all ye committed, the Hollywood Insider today dropped some major casting bombs in regards to the upcoming Asylum flick Almighty Thor, based on the Norwegian myth and, more importantly, the impending Marvel Comics movie. The biggest bomb? "21 Jump Street" and If Looks Could Kill star Richard Grieco has signed on to play Loki, Thor's trickster brother.

This begs the question, of course, who's playing Thor? That also has been revealed, in the form of strapping young lad Cody Deal, a model/actor who has quite the Scandinavian look to him.

And the last bit of casting info is that the role of Odin, head honcho of the Norse gods and father to Thor and Odin, will be played by Kevin Nash, the wrestler and actor whose credits include the Adam Sandler remake of The Longest Yard.

Almighty Thor is vaguely set for a 2011 release, and is being written by, if not directed, by the very capable and talented Eric Mega Piranha Forsberg.

I cannot over-emphasize the (personal) importance of Richard Grieco entering The Asylum. In my book, this guy has Billy Zane potential, that tongue-in-cheek retro-suave demeanor that works equally well in direct to DVD action-thrillers and offbeat comedy. Kudos to The Asylum for adding another old favorite to their stable. Let the resurrection begin!

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