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Dig On These Stills From Mega Python vs Gatoroid

Man, we're getting a lot of news and stuff here at the end of the year - trailers, posters, announcements - and today the hits keep on coming with the posting of stills from the upcoming Asylum/SyFy original, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

These look pretty fucking rad, and that's coming from a confirmed, avid and lifelong ophidiophobe, so for the rest of you they should be out of this world! Still no actual full-on shot of the Gatoroid - still up in the air as to what exactly that is - but the picture of Tiff and Debbie paling around just became my new screensaver.

Check out the photos in anticipation of the film's January 29th premiere, 9pm EST/PST, only on SyFy.

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