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Crocaloctopus Hoping to Strike!

As a guy who's pitched a project or two (see bottom) in his day, I can truly appreciate the campaign launched this week by Geek Tyrant writer Brian Shirley, to get his creation, Crocaloctopus, in a SyFy Saturday Original or an Asylum creature slugfest. Dig this press release:

      "Brian Shirley has his hands in everything these days. He not only has cemented his name with the geek culture that is GeekTyrant and Alien Bee, but he's also attached to several movie projects scheduled for 2011 including Witches Playground, and he'll be voicing the character GT along with scream queens Deneen Melody, who voices Valkira, and Kitsie Duncan as Anara for Jason Heath’s upcoming animated web series "Astronoir: The Fixers" scheduled for spring 2011.

     Shirley also has a scarecrow movie in the early planning stages along with his pet project simply titled Crocaloctopus. What started out as a joke has gotten attention from Syfy, comic book publishers and key entertainment suits. So what did Brian do? He has started a Crocaloctopus campaign geared towards Syfy and also The Asylum.
     With some help from genre artist Dennis Willman, the creature was brought to life in living color (so to speak). The campaign launched at the Dark Carnival Film Festival in Bloomington, Indiana on November 19-21 with T-shirts, etc. Brian was quoted as saying, “T-shirts makes the coolest business cards, and what better way to start a fun campaign and have the fans wearing a Crocaloctopus shirt. It’s also just fun to say!”

     Crocaloctopus’ goal is to have a Saturday night movie on Syfy (aka the new creature features the channel is putting out) or having The Asylum pick the story up and pit the hybrid creature up against one of its already familiar monsters in the stable.

     To keep up with all things Crocaloctopus, you can find the creature on Facebook and on Twitter. Yes, the monster is on Twitter! Brian wants to hear from the fans because he says, “Being a fan of these kinds of movies, this would be the pinnacle of my accomplishments so far.”

     If you are interested in a Crocaloctopus campaign T-shirt, just head on over to and pick one up for just $15.00 bucks!

A comic book is planned for spring of 2011. Look for more on Crocaloctopus soon."

Pretty cool idea, and a pretty daring self-marketing plan. Check out the Facebook and Twitter links and throw Shirley your support; if we can get Sam L. Jackson's dialogue in Snakes on a Plane tailored to our wishes, and get "Jericho" back on the air (we did our part, at least), then we can get Crocaloctopus locked into moral combat with a school of Mega Piranha. Believe it!

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