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Run For Your Life (to the video store) !!!!!

The glorious day has finally arrived! The film we've all been waiting for, the most-eagerly anticipated sequel of the year, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, is now available nationwide on DVD!

I've already reviewed this beautiful beast of a film, and I'm sure scores of others will have done the same online by the end of the day. As I've had a few days to sit with the film, I find myself reminiscing fondly and looking forward to another viewing. And I could stare at the poster all day long like some geeked out teenage girl drooling over Justin Bieber. I was at the drugstore the other day and they had one of them Redbox contraptions hanging around outside. As I was getting into my car, a mother and her young son - maybe four years old - were standing there trying to make their selection. The mother asked her son which film, judging by the box art, he'd like to watch. The young lad held his tongue a pensive moment, his eyes flitting from cover to cover like a hummingbird collecting pollen, when at last they settled and widened with glee.

"This one!" the boy exclaimed, planting his grubby finger right smack on the MSvC art.

His mother, of course, shrieked and forbade it - the boy was four, or in the neighborhood, after all - and I think they ended up with Thomas the Train Engine or some other shit that will do the boy no good whatsoever in the real world. I gave him my card, told him to ask for permission before going online.

So that last sentence is bullshit - I don't have a card - but the rest is pure truth, and a fine illustration of how, just like the tobacco companies, the Asylum's winning fans far before they're old enough to enjoy the product.

But enough of my rambling. If you're still reading this, it means you're not on your way to a video store or Redbox or your mailbox for your copy of Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, which, if I haven't made myself clear, was released TODAY. So go, get, skedaddle!

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