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Asylum Should-Stars


Here at Committed, I'm always looking for ways to prolong my love affair with Asylum blogging. I've done inmate profiles - spotlights on Asylum personnel - and I've done pitches - shameless and fruitless attempts to get hired in marketing/development - but now, I'm melding the best of these features into one, amalgamated, brand-spankin'-new column: the awkwardly-named Asylum Should-Stars, in which I present actors/actresses/other cultural figures I think would make lovely additions to the Asylum' stable of performers. More mindless fun to wile away your workday! Let's dive right in, shall we?

NAME: James Van Der Beek

BEST KNOWN FOR: the titular role on "Dawson's Creek," Varsity Blues, Rules of Attraction, Eye of the Beast

PLAYS: roguish clean-cuts, idealists, former athletes

COULD BE USED AS: the good-hearted hero skeptical of the establishment in a catastrophic sci-fi/disaster/Faith Films flick. Anything Brian Krause, John Schneider, Christopher Atkins or Greg Evigan can do, JVDB can do younger. For the time being. 

PJ Soles and some idiot, 2009.
NAME: PJ Soles

BEST KNOWN FOR: Stripes, Halloween, Carrie, Rock 'N' Roll High School, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, Little Bigfoot

PLAYS: good girls gone just bad enough to still be lovable, sexy tomboys, smarter-than- you girlfriends

COULD BE USED AS: eccentric middle-aged neighbor, aunt, father's new girlfriend, or boarding school housemother in a raucous sex comedy.

NAME: Allen Iverson (if the guy will play basketball in Turkey, he'll make a Mega movie, trust me)

BEST KNOWN FOR: basketball, tattoos, rapping?

PLAYS: basketball, I said that, but with a hardass, smart-alec bravado rooted in a massive superiority complex. That kind of shit always films well.

COULD BE USED AS: a little-dialogue lead in a post-apocalyptic/sci-fi/sports-as-metaphor-for-freedom movie in the vein of Rollerball, Futuresport or Death Racers.

So what do you think? Complete waste of time or a fun little diversion? Let me have it.


  1. I'll throw in Ally Sheedy, Andre Braugher, and Randolph Mantooth. Maybe Kent McCord too. It'd be great to see Mantooth and McCord together again since their last Embergency!/Adam-12 crossover in, like, 1975.

  2. god, andre braugher would be great, he's one of my all time favorites, especially if we could get kyle secor in a cameo. and as for ally sheedy, well my friend, that would be the coup to end all coups!