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inmate profile: Naomi Selfman

Continuing my pledge to spotlight the creative forces behind next week's release of Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, here's another inmate profile, though shrouded in a tad bit of mystery. Naomi Selfman, the scribe behind this impending classic, has written half a dozen films for The Asylum, yet there's virtually no information about her online. This picture is the best I could find, and I only found that when out of frustration I Googled "mystery woman." Could be that "Naomi Selfman" is a pen name for another writer, or it could be that Ms. Selfman is just a digitally private person? Either way, the only purported sighting of her is said to come in the making-of featurette for her first script for The Asylum, the horror film Evil Eyes, but I didn't have immediate access to that when I wrote this.

Whoever she is, Ms. Selfman has time and again illustrated her ability to work across genres - be it horror, comedy, sci-fi or creature features - and turn in compelling, convincing, empathetic and exciting stories every time out. After Evil Eyes, Ms. Selfman took a four-year hiatus from screenwriting before contributing the story for the Faith Films epic 2012: Doomsday. Since then, it's been full-steam ahead for Ms. Selfman, writing four scripts in half as many years: the raucous sex comedies 18 Year-Old Virgin and #1 Cheerleader Camp, and, most noteworthy and the reason we're here, now, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus. As though this last job wasn't esteemed enough, Ms. Selfman also wrote the screenplay for the equally-anticipated Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

So what does this mystery woman mean to MSvC? Well, if nothing else, it means at least this time out the jokes will hit. There were a lot of comic lobs set up in the first one, but, let's face it, very few of them scored. Whatever she's done with the script, the fact that she was shortly thereafter picked to pen The Asylum's other marquee attraction of the next year (MPvG), means the partners have great faith in her ability to deliver an action-packed, thrilling, amusing and entertaining creature feature. And their faith's good enough for mine. 

Check out Ms. Selfman's script bring the goods ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! That's right only seven more days stand between the world and Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus. Come back here for my review this Friday, then come back again next Wednesday, the day after MSvC's release, for THE BIGGEST, MOST EXCITING POST IN COMMITTED's HISTORY!!! For real.

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